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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Marian Baker, Ceramic Artist

Marian Baker is a ceramic artist I have long admired for her forms, colors, and glazes. She divides her time between Yarmouth, Maine and Little Cranberry Island, which is off Mount Desert Island.  This is her website. She uses a unique combination of matte and gloss glazes and her recent work features forms that are deliberately "off-kilter."

Art Careers

Art Careers--sometimes it is a good thing to think about where all this might take you.  Check out this article if you want a few ideas.

Cups and Mugs

Check out this visual dictionary of CUPS and MUGS!!! Click on ones you like to dig deeper into the realm of pinterest....and start your own albums!

AP 2D & Drawing Pinterest Board

Check here for ideas; I will be adding more as I have time.

Jen Stark, 3D

Jen Stark must have an amazing amount of patience to cut all this paper!!!

Mia Pearlman, 3D

This is a start to finish video of a project by sculptor Mia Pearlman.  I love seeing the project start on a small scale, within a model of the planned installation building, then see Mia go to the fabricator to watch the steel be cut and brushed.  I got a good feel for the work involved and the months involved (and cost?!) in making a large sculptural installation.

Student Throwing Demo

Throwing kids should watch this video!