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Friday, October 24, 2014


The most difficult challenge I faced when I was creating this piece was when I was shading and creating the grass, I had a hard time telling whether or not the grass worked well with the rest of the piece and if I should add more blue or shadow. In the end I thought it turned out nicely, but being color blind I’ve know in the past that it could look completely different to a different set of eyes.
What I did to make the piece my home was I really focused on making the interior look warm and I also added grass to the roof of my house because I’ve always dreamed of having that. I also really wanted to paint from a perspective that showed my room windows so I could show my favorite location in my house as well. In my painting I also really wanted to show both of my windows with a dreamlike world out side of them because I often look out them to think and form ideas while I do art or write. I’m happy with the way I presented the themes I wanted to show like the way I made the painting look dream like with cool colors and how I made the windows look warm and imaginative.
I’m very happy and proud of my piece and although I would work on and change things, for no art is truly complete until it's published, I still feel accomplished. If I were to work on it more I would change the background with the woods and I would try to make the color scheme more cool. I’d also work more on the windows and add more diction to the shadows. I feel this piece challenge me because I’m not very experienced with oil pastels and found it challenging sometimes to get the color or texture I wanted. I would love to go back and attempt this same piece but with a different medium like acrylic paint.

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  1. Successful use of Principles and Elements of Design

    Continue investigations and creations that involve/challenge/celebrate your color blindness

    Very Fresh!

    I like the originality of this piece - you have a very nice balance of color.

    Suggest that you add more shadowing and highlights

    I like the trees and different nature elements in the background. I really like that it is night time (full moon light?)...light in the windows is fun

    I like the shading and shadowing of the grass under the window

    The shading is great. The color blending is very good. A lot of detail on everything and all-in-all...very good.

    Perhaps work on the lines of the house. Some go with the perspective...and some go straight

    I enjoy the accuracy of the artwork. The perspective is terrific and adds to the quality. I would add even more shadowing and gradients to go further.

    The application of 2D design elements represents a 5.