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Friday, October 24, 2014


My most difficult challenge was comparing my work to other students’ work. During this project, I kept viewing my piece as “not enough” because my style is abstract. I’ve been having trouble pushing myself out of that safe zone. I handled it by ignoring it. I feel it was easier to accomplish at home when I wasn’t right next to someone who I had been comparing my piece with. It made it easier to think that I was on the right path.

I made my house my own by creating colored smoke coming out of the chimney to represent my creative thinking and drew in an abstract style. Instead of having my house be a plain yellow/blue/white house, I chose to incorporate other colors into the smoke and the house itself. I feel like this choice made it have a bit more depth and interest to the house.
I’m not happy with how my drawing came out. I’d probably choose a different photo if I were to do it differently. I may have also chosen a different aspect of personality to the drawing. Furthermore, I would have strived to draw in a more realistic style.

1 comment:

  1. work is an interesting composition with dynamic use of clouds

    clouds appear to be monochromatic..showing disunity...consider manipulating with some color...or similar to smoke

    I like the interesting perspective and the strikes me as interesting. I would employ more colors and make the sky more engaging as a suggestion for improvement.

    The composition is very imaginative, but could possible use more space or some more detailed clouds. also some work on the shading could be worked on as well. The voice is definitely strong in it.

    I recommend that they fix something with the clouds. They should be more blended or more than one tone.

    Really like the smoke from the chimney and the angle they had on the house.

    I suggest that the clouds and the background go with your abstract style, that way it would be more balanced and imaginative