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Monday, October 20, 2014


The most difficult challenge when creating this project was the imaginary element. The initial plan was to make the sky the only colored aspect of the drawing, but after completing the house, I saw that this would take the emphasis away from the structure, which was supposed to be the main focus. I liked the way it looked before changing anything, so that became my finished piece.

I didn’t do much to make my house look like my home. I wanted to convey that my home is beautiful and old, so the black and white made it look almost like an old photograph, but the reason my house is my home is because my family is there, and I didn’t really know how to show that.

I’m happy with the way it turned out, even if the imagination part is missing a little bit. Next time, I will push myself more, and come up with a comprehensive plan for exactly what I will do before actually starting. This project definitely challenged me with it’s medium and premise. Adding an element from the imagination that wasn’t in the original picture is very difficult for me, and I will continue to work on that.


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  3. Very challenging composition...enjoyed looking at all the elements

    Suggest that you be prepared to adjust goals....and be happy with direction

    Enjoy the traditional style and use of value. This is an interesting angle and intricate with details.

    I would perhaps make the tree and background more obvious as to what they are - 4

    The shading is a bit it should be darker in some places. The details are great on it. Perhaps add some straight solid lines.

    I like the amount of detail in the picture. The shading and lines could use some attention but also really like the landscape.

    I suggest that you add highlights that work with the perspective. It is also OK for your idea to works!