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Monday, October 20, 2014


 Some of the most difficult challenges in this project were making the cords and background. When making the cords it was hard for me to make them look like cords because it was hard to get detail when using the pastel. The background was also difficult because I needed it to be stylized but also match the house so that it created a united piece. The colors that I used were also hard to choose because I wanted to make the house black and white while making it still stand out with the colored background. I added the cords coming out of the windows because I like to play video games and use computers so that's why I incorporated them. To further express this love I made the background look pix-elated like an old video game, which made some unique negative space in the background.I am happy with the drawing, but I think if I did it again I would choose a picture that has more of an emphasis on the house, because the background to the right felt a little empty to me. Also I would add some darker values into the grass to show that the hills on the right were really hills. I think that designing a stylized background with a more realistic house was the most challenging part for me because I needed to make sure that they both coexisted in the same space.

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  1. The landscape and sky are very fanciful and fun. The house appears monochromatic with little variation of color. Recommend using orange to symbolize the extension cords...(add highlights?) and maybe not so many cords (look like water)

    A very challenging subject to attempt to render, consider using thumbnail sketches to work out. Kudos for risk taking.

    Recommend that you look at blending of colors and layer them accordingly

    The POV is static with a straight-on view. Consider an oblique angle.

    When applying color...consider the direction of the strokes. Shading needs some work.

    The idea behind it is very unique and creative.