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Monday, October 20, 2014


I think the most difficult part was actually using the pastel. I have never used pastel before, so I was completely confused with how to actually use it. I played with mixing color and texture on the piece, hoping that it would yield to an interesting composition.
I used a range of color to make this my home. In retrospect, it was far less creative than I could have been, but I wanted to try pushing coloration. My home is a place that holds a sense of comfort and family.
I am happy with my drawing. Next time I may try harder to add a creative element. I feel like this project challenged me, pushing me out of my media comfort-zone. In the future, I may use more oil pastel, or add it into my mixed media design.

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  1. Students ran out of time....but will include my comments here

    Very successful application of the solar flare in to the artwork. Solid in technical skill and application of the media. Use of space (figure ground) is interesting with the light and atmospheric perspective.

    If you are reaching for a five...consider how you can transform this beyond a rendering from a photograph...such as....adding two very narrow panels on each side that may be extreme close ups from your home. (consider maintaining unity with color.....or go with complete contrast?.....monochromatic?)